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Corporate Agility: Adopting a Startup Mindset for Innovation

Want to see a different perspective on business challenges?
Find out what you can gain from either working with startups or adopting startup-like design and development processes!

Business Turku, in collaboration with Boost Turku, presents:
Corporate Agility: Adopting a Startup Mindset for Innovation

We will start from square one, with an interactive discussion about what a startup is (and is not), how they think, and why startups are both a threat to, and an opportunity for, established businesses.

You will also hear about SCALE-ABLE project that aims to connect startups and corporates to benefit both sides.

The main goal of SCALE-ABLE project is tackling the underused potential that can be achieved through the cross-border systematic matchmaking & collaboration of corporations and scaling technology companies from Estonia, Finland & Sweden.

Finally we will have a Fireside Chat on the opportunities and threats of startups with Lauri Koittola, Executive Director of Boost Turku, Julia Ekström, Growth Advisor at Business Turku and Dan Palmer, a Strategy Designer.

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