Setting up a business in the Turku region is quick and easy. International companies have the same rights, benefits and obligations as Finnish companies. Follow these four steps to set up a business:

1. Select a name for your company.

To gain exclusive rights to the name, you should submit it to the Trade Register which is maintained by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH).

2. Open a bank account for your business.

The company requires a bank account to pay share capital, process payment transactions and support accounting.

3. File a start of the business notification.

Establishing and registering a business requires that a notification be filed with the Trade Register and various Tax Administration registers. This can be done easily using a single form (“Y form”).

4. Take advantage of online tools.

You can establish a limited liability company online through the Business Information System online service. You can also create a workspace at My Enterprise Finland. The My Enterprise Finland service gives you access to a wealth of useful services. These online services require you to log in with your online banking credentials.

From Idea to Enterprise Video Series

The From Idea to Enterprise video series was developed to help you start a business in the Turku region. These videos address topics ranging from company forms and how to build a business plan to accounting and obligatory financial reporting. Do you wish to receive individual guidance on founding a company? Schedule a one-on-one meeting with one of our business advisors after watching the videos.

From Idea to Enterprise Video Series

Online guide books help you when setting up your business

 Becoming an entrepreneur in Finland guide book tells about entrepreneurship in Finland. It covers topics such as business idea, costumers, products and services, profitability and pricing, competitors and operating environment, sales and marketing, economic planning, taxation and accounting, permits and insurance, company forms, and business plan.

The Guide to Entrepreneurship is developed by the Enterprise Agency, which goal is to promote the creation of sustainable companies in Finland and help its customers to establish companies that are as profitable as possible. In the Guide to Entrepreneurship, you can read about, for example

One-on-one meetings and other services

Do you wish to receive individual guidance on founding a company or would an accellerator programme help you off the ground? Check out the image links below for more info.

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