The From Idea to Enterprise video series was developed to help you start a business in the Turku region. These videos address topics ranging from company forms and how to build a business plan to accounting and obligatory financial reporting. We offer private consultation and encourage you to get in touch with us if you still have any unanswered questions after watching these videos.

Company Forms – Finding the right juridical setup for your business

When establishing a business, you need to decide on your company form. In this video, we take a look at different company forms. We also give tips on how to choose the right company form for you.

Business Plan – A roadmap for successful entrepreneurship

When starting out as an entrepreneur, you need a business plan that outlines your business idea. In this video, we introduce the basics of a business plan. You also get tips on templates that can help you build your own plan. Try out, for example, the Business Planning Tool of Finnish Enterprise Agencies.

Business Financials and Profitability – Calculations, pricing and funding

Accurate calculations will help you to estimate your company’s profitability and the amount of money you need to start your business. In this video, we go through different calculations from profitability, sales volume and financing statement calculations to cash flow statement, and take a look at pricing and sales margin. We also introduce different business funding possibilities.

Entrepreneur’s Obligations – Taxation and Value Added Tax

All companies in Finland pay income taxes based on the company’s financial performance. Value Added Tax, on the other hand, is a general tax on consumption, added to almost all products and services. Both taxes affect the financial affairs of your business, and you need to pay close attention to them to be able to run your business as smoothly as possible. In this video, we go through income taxes and the Value Added Tax and the factors that affect your taxation. We also take a look at different business registers you may need to sign up for.

Obligatory and Voluntary Insurances

As you become an entrepreneur, you need to make sure your company is appropriately insured. Your personal insurances do not cover damages related to business operations. The extent and line of your business determine the type of insurance you should take. In this video, we explain the basics on mandatory pension, employee and life insurances. We also take a look at a variety of voluntary insurances that can protect your business in unexpected situations.

Entrepreneur’s Social Benefits – Start-up grant and unemployment security

As a new entrepreneur, you should ensure your social and unemployment security. In this video, we explain the basics of the start-up grant awarded by the TE-office, and the benefits you can get in case of unemployment. We also go through the conditions for receiving each benefit.

Registering and Permissions – Making your business official

To make your business official, you need to register your company. In this video, we take a look at the procedures of registering a company, going through the mandatory steps from notifications and paperwork to signing up for the right business registers. You will also get some tips on coming up with a company name, and protecting your intangible assets.

Accounting and Financial Reporting

All companies in Finland are obliged to take care of their accounting. In this video, we take a look at accounting and the factors that define the level of accounting you need for your company. We also go through the common requirements and paperwork needed for tax reporting.

Online guide books help you when setting up your business

 Becoming an entrepreneur in Finland guide book tells about entrepreneurship in Finland. It covers topics such as business idea, costumers, products and services, profitability and pricing, competitors and operating environment, sales and marketing, economic planning, taxation and accounting, permits and insurance, company forms, and business plan.

The Guide to Entrepreneurship is developed by the Enterprise Agency, which goal is to promote the creation of sustainable companies in Finland and help its customers to establish companies that are as profitable as possible. In the Guide to Entrepreneurship, you can read about, for example

One-on-one meetings and other services

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