For some, starting on the path to entrepreneurship is the result of a long deliberation. For others, it’s the lightning flash of inspiration that sets them on that path. Entrepreneurship can be an option worth considering when faced with changes in working life. We are there to support you every step of the way, from starting your business to dealing with authorities and navigating the twists and turns of entrepreneurial life.

From Idea to Enterprise Video Series

The From Idea to Enterprise video series was developed to help you start a business in the Turku region. These videos address topics ranging from company forms and how to build a business plan to accounting and obligatory financial reporting. Do you wish to receive individual guidance on founding a company? Schedule a one-on-one meeting with one of our business advisors after watching the videos.

From Idea to Enterprise Video Series

Start Info Helps You Get off the Ground

Join us at the Start Info session, where we provide you with a comprehensive info package about entrepreneurship. We organise the session twice a month. After that, you can participate the Start Workshop or schedule a one-on-one meeting with one of our business advisors.

Start Info

Peer Support and Advice at the Start Workshop

The Start Workshop consists of two workshop sessions, in which we dig more deeply into the themes discussed during the Starting Info; this time from the point of view of your own business idea. You’ll also receive support from your peers, namely, other entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Start Workshop

Individual Guidance on Founding a Company

After the Starting Info and the possible Start Workshop, you can schedule a meeting with one of our business advisors for personal guidance on founding a business. Depending on your business idea, our growth advisors and specialists of key spearhead industries will work together with our business advisors to find the best way forward for you.

Founding advice

Free Expert Consulting from the Private Sector

Members of the business services association (Yrityspalveluyhdistys ry) in the Turku region offer a free of charge guidance visit, which can be related to issues such as finances, jurisprudence or insurance. Ask for more information from our Business Advisors and Growth Advisors.

Free Expert Consulting

Find out Your Potential for Growth and Internationalisation with StartingUp

For growth-oriented startup teams and companies aiming for international markets, we offer a two-part group session called StartingUp. With the help of our growth advisors, the session focuses on the potential and scalability of the participants’ business ideas.


Accelerator Programmes are Your Springboard Into the World of Startups

BusinessUp is an accelerator programme aimed at startups. It offers an intensive 10-week long sparring. Peer support, personal mentors and internationalisation are key components of this English-language programme. And do not forget the Startup Journey of Boost Turku.

Accelerator Programmes

Office Space for Companies of All Sizes

It might be enough for an entrepreneur just starting up to have their work space in their own home, but many are looking for space and community outside of their homes. For some business ideas, it is crucial to have the premises near to essential customer flows.

Premises and plots

In 2022, in the services directed to starting companies, there were

774 new customers
1300 individual guidance sessions
479 new companies

Accelerator Programmes 2022

11 teams/startups participated BusinessUp
8 startups participated Northbound Startups
125 identified active startups in the Turku region in the first ever startup survey