At the Start Workshop, we dig deeper into the subjects introduced at the Start Info. The workshop, consisting of two separate sessions, supports the refining of your idea, and during it you will also meet other aspiring entrepreneurs about to found their own companies. We recommend attending the Start Workshop before scheduling a meeting with a business advisor.

The work takes place under the supervision and leadership of the Business Turku Ltd. business advisors. Start Workshops are held on two subsequent Thursdays following the first or second Start Info of every month.

After the Start Workshop, you’ll have

Whom is it for?

For those who participated the Start Info and preparing to start their own businesses, and for those already in the field, independently of growth or scalability goals.

Here’s what to do

  1. Participate in the Start Info
  2. Come to the Start Workshop
  3. Schedule a meeting or express session with one of our business advisors

We belong to the national network of the Finnish Enterprise Agencies, which ensures the quality of our operations.