When it’s time to move forward, Business Turku’s services provide the best springboard. We offer free financial counselling, the opportunity to meet like-minded entrepreneurs and to sit at the same table with large companies – locally and globally.

We provide free pulling, pushing, and leverage power for those aspiring to grow. Through us, you gain access to the best contacts and support for

Get to know our services and don’t hesitate to contact us. We will assist you in determining what your needs are and direct you to the service and expert that is right for you.

Help with expanding your business operations

Viewpoints and advice coming from outside the company are invaluable in developing your business. Our specialists are there to help you with every aspect of growing your company. They can be of assistance when you are thinking about recruiting international experts or finding new partners and distribution networks. You can also book time with us for individualised guidance on growth and development.

Growth and Development advisory services Free Expert Consulting from the private sector Growth with international talents International Partnerships (Enterprise Europe Network)

Boosting product development and research

There are usually various kinds of research and development behind every new product and service. The right expertise might maybe be found from within the company, but you can also look for it in new networks. The launching of the final product or service can be made easier with collaborative services that guide you through finalising your product and act as valuable reference points.

Innovation Capabilities Analysis Finding Research Partners Innovation and Testing Platforms Development of Sustainable

New partnerships from around the globe

Building new networks is crucial for internationalising your business. World Trade Center Turku, Enterprise Europe Network and our various projects aimed at promoting exports offer channels into new markets.

World Trade Center Turku International Partnerships (Enterprise Europe Network) Expos and Export Promotion Growth with international talents

Funding for growth and development

Bank loans, development subsidies, EU funding or innovation funding? Our growth advisors know the ins and outs of various alternatives and assist with finding the solution that’s right for you.

Financial Guidance

Developing your operations and cost structure

Our individualised guidance can be used to get help with questions relating to viability and developing the company’s cost structure. Schedule a meeting with one of our growth advisors and benefit from the tips and advice of an expert looking at the issue from the outside.

Growth and Development mentoring

Managing change and acquisitions

The Southwest Finland ownership transfer services brings together those wishing to move away from entrepreneurship with those interested in continuing the operations of a functional business. The Turku region’s premises and plots service helps you in finding the perfect office space. Our individualised guidance is there for you when you need help with questions related to financial difficulties and giving up entrepreneurship altogether.

Premises and plots Change of Ownership Giving up Entrepreneurship

In 2021, The ownership change services in Southwest Finland had over

80 customers
10 events with over
250 participants

Growth services 2021

11 companies located in Smart Chemistry Park
302 Enterprise Europe Network customers
14 Enterprise Europe Network co-operation agreements

Involved in tourism business events in 2021

896 participants

ProHealth Growth Programme had 2021

14 participating companies