Find the right partners.

Do you need contacts to develop, boost, or expand your business? We are happy to connect you with the right people and networks.


Business Turku brings power into networking. We create growth opportunities for companies by organizing networking events and personalised matchmaking meetings, while maintaining regional industry networks.

You can easily reach local universities and your next international partners through us.

There are many ways to gain new contacts and partners. We help companies reach new partners and important networks in various situations by acting as local, national, and international connectors.

All our services and programs are free of charge.

How it could go:

Find other companies in your field within your region and advance your business with the help of partners.

A local company’s business expansion requires partners and a developing business environment.

The company recognizes the need for collaboration and networking but does not yet know how to reach potential partners that operate in the area.  

The company representative familiarizes themselves with the networks operating in the area, which we at Business Turku maintain or coordinate. They leave a contact request.

Soon, they receive more information about the network’s operations, companies, and possible gatherings.

Business Turku leads and coordinates the network’s activities and informs about the most important development steps in the business environment, to provide the most fertile ground for business growth.

How it could go:

Use an RDI voucher* to develop and innovate your business or product with a higher educational institution.

A company recognises the need to develop its service, product, or business with a partner.

The company representative hears that development and innovation can be done in collaboration with higher education institutions in the Turku region. The collaboration can be funded with an RDI service voucher (up to €10,000).

They contact Business Turku’s RDI advisor for more information.

As discussions progress, the advisor suggests a suitable partner for the company and arranges a meeting. Development work with the educational institution can begin once the funding is granted.

The company can freely utilise the completed work or idea.

*Research, development, and innovation service voucher

How it could go:

Explore an interesting market area abroad with the information provided by the WTC and EEN networks.

A local company is interested in exploring international markets.

The company’s representative browses the Business Turku event calendar and signs up for a WTC & EEN* afternoon event, providing insights into different market areas.

The registration confirmation arrives in the email within a few minutes.

The event helps you meet other companies in the area, exchange ideas, and network alongside the program.

The speakers at the event are carefully selected, and the event provides a comprehensive overview of the market, business environment, and starting a business.

Additionally, you get the contact information of experts for later consultations or meetings.

*World Trade Center, Enterprise Europe Network

How it could go:

Network internationally and gain partnerships by participating in an EU-funded program.

A company representative notices an interesting cost-free EU-funded internationalisation program on the Business Turku website and decides to apply.

The company is accepted into the program. The representative soon receives more information about the program, its progress, and the opportunities it brings.

During the program, companies get to know similar international companies with the same aspirations for growth, development, and internationalisation.

The program helps companies network, gain peer support, and find far-reaching partnership opportunities.

How it could go:

Reach a representative of an international corporation by participating in a growth program.

A local company providing a product or service learns about ongoing growth programs and decides to apply.

The company is accepted into the program. The representative receives more detailed information about the program content, upcoming meetings, and other participants.

Our partners connect the applying company with a large corporation looking for a specific service or product, or a partner to develop a new solution.

During the program, a cost-free Matchmaking meeting is organised, where the local company and the large corporation can meet face-to-face and arrange a follow-up meeting.

How it could go:

Boost your company’s internationalisation by finding information and partners.

A local company wants to internationalise its operations. The company’s representative comes across the EEN network in Business Turku’s internationalisation services.

The EEN network operates in over 50 countries. It can assist with specific needs, including financing and finding business partners. 

The company’s representative leaves a contact request with Business Turku’s EEN experts. 

The company’s situation and needs are discussed in more detail to determine the readiness and resources for internationalisation. At the same time, it is determined whether the company is looking for resellers or subcontractors.

After understanding the particular needs and goals of the company, further actions are agreed upon, such as necessary studies, business model development, or partner searches. The company begins to advance the agreed tasks together with Business Turku representatives.

How it could go:

Establish a new business branch and attract a workforce in the Turku region.

An ICT company wants to network and establish a new office in the Turku region.

They need support to familiarise themselves with the area and attract a skilled workforce. The company representative reads about settling in the Turku region and the cost-free services of Business Turku, and leaves a contact request.

Business Turku advisors help the company map available premises and co-working spaces. At the same time, they assist the company with permits and finding key personnel and the core team.

With the help of Business Turku representatives, the company easily reaches young talents from technical universities and international experts.

Together with Business Turku, the company ensures the necessary everyday operations and new ventures can proceed as planned.

How it could go:

A local startup wants to reach potential investor networks.

A startup preparing for investment wants to reach potential investor networks.

The local startup believes now is the right time to seek investment.

The startup representative visits the Business Turku website and contacts an experienced growth advisor who can advise on funding applications.

Discussions with Business Turku representatives begin. Initially, it is ensured that seeking external funding is the right solution and that now is the right time to apply for investment.

Together, they review that the aspects typically of interest to investors are sufficiently thought out. If necessary, these aspects are worked on through the Investment Readiness process, which would be cost-free for the startup with Business Turku’s help.

When the materials for the investor presentation are ready and the presentation itself is in order, they look more closely at what kind of background and networks an investor should have to be suitable for the startup.

Once the details are confirmed, Business Turku’s growth coach contacts investors and investor networks that are most likely to be interested in supporting the startup’s business idea.

When everything falls into place, discussions between investors and the startup can begin.

Networks everywhere: here and abroad

We maintain and coordinate several networks in the Turku region. Additionally, we act as a direct connection to many regional, national, and international networks.

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