Whistleblowing channel


In the regional development company Business Turku Ltd we want to promote ethical, open and transparent corporate culture and the high quality of our services. That is why we have introduced a whistleblowing channel. The introduction of the channels is based on the EU’s Whistleblower directive EU 2019/1937.

Available to everyone

In case of suspected abuse, we encourage you to contact primarily the supervisors or top management of our company. If that is not possible, anybody can use the whistleblowing channel to anonymously report any activity in our company that they suspect to be unlawful or unethical. A notification can be submitted without actual evidence, as long as it is done in good faith.

Other feedback on our services, requests for contact and development proposals shall be submitted using the contact form found on our website.

Anonymous and confidential

A notification can be made easily and data-securely by following the instructions for filling out the form. The whistleblowing channel is implemented in such a way that the notifying individual cannot be identified. All notifications shall be processed confidentially, protecting the privacy of the notifying individual and the object. Personal data is processed in compliance with the obligations of the Whistleblower directive as well as the Data Protection Act (1050/2018).

Processing of notifications

Once we have received your notification, we will acknowledge it received within seven days. We will initiate investigation of the case and, if necessary, will ask you for more information through the whistleblowing channel. When you use the whistleblowing channel, the system gives you a code. It will allow you to continue anonymously the co-operation to sort out the case, and you will also be informed on the progress of the case. If you misplace your case-specific code, we request you to file a new notification in which you refer to your original notification. We will inform you on the outcome of the investigation through the channel no later than three months after the filing of the notification.

The team responsible for the processing of notifications in Business Turku Ltd comprises of the CFO, ICT Manager, Occupational Safety Delegate, and Marketing Manager. That way we want to ensure sufficiently effective processing of the matter and operability of the team even if some member is disqualified.

Thank you for helping us operate as a working community and a customer-serving company that promotes good, lawful and ethically sustainable corporate culture and business operations.

Privacy statement for Business Turku Ltd’s whistleblowing channel