Accelerator programme BusinessUp is an intensive program that offers the mentorship, education, and networking necessary to jump-start growth – free of charge. The program is open to startup companies, teams, and applicants with a viable business idea without industry limitations. You will get the best mentors, training, and guidance to start and grow your business.

BusinessUp clarifies your startup’s concept and crystallises your promise to create value for potential customers.

After the eight-week programme, you and your team will be ready to start operating your business. In BusinessUp, each team is coached by their own mentor, with peer support and international mentoring contacts to provide new points of view and greatly expand the startup’s network.


The application period for the BusinessUp accelerator programme offered by Business Turku starts in June, and the programme kicks off in September.

There is room in the programme for 10 teams based on a scalable, innovative idea.

The programme is conducted in English, and after it ends, you will have a business concept formed around your initial idea, and the confidence to present it to early investors and/or clients.


Startup Journey for students

Boost Turku is a Turku-based entrepreneurship society that inspires and helps students become entrepreneurs.

Startup Journey by Boost Turku is an intensive 8-week startup accelerator program designed to help early-stage startups.

The application period for the accelerator programme is in the spring, and the 10-week programme runs during the summer.

Do you already know the startup community SparkUp? Events, industry players and networks under one roof at ElectroCity in Turku!