Startups are never alone in Turku. The SparkUp startup community provides networking with peers, premises, presentations and events. The SparkUp community consists of entrepreneurs, company representatives, and public organisations. In addition to SparkUp’s physical premises, the community has also launched its online component on the Solved platform.

Watch the video to learn more about the SparkUp startup community:

Co-working spaces and innovation clusters

In addition to networking and guidance, Turku also offers a variety of co-working spaces that startups can use. These range from simple office spaces to more complex and industry-specific premises, such as an entire laboratory you can rent at Werstas Labs.

Logomo – The heart of the creative economy in Turku, Logomo offers office space fitted with the latest tech in authentic and inspiring surroundings.
Werstas and Werstas Labs – Werstas does not offer only a stimulating working environment, but also VR space, 3D printing options, or laboratory space.
Blue Industry Park – Located near the Turku shipyard, Blue Industry Park aims at becoming a leading production and innovation cluster of the maritime and manufacturing industries on a European scale. The area serves companies of all sizes and strengthens the industrial clusters in the Turku region on the whole.
Smart Chemistry Park – SMART CHEMISTRY PARK® is an innovation platform and cluster for start-ups and SMEs delivering solutions to the bio-, circular economies, and cleantech. The innovation platform located in Raisio offers laboratory and office spaces as well as a broad network involving industry, the public sector, universities and research institutes.
Green Industry Park – formed in the Naantali ex-refinery area, the Green Industry Park provides services to growing renewable energy and bio- and circular economy companies and facilitates new sustainable industrial business in the Turku region.

Collaboration possibilities in the Turku region

Could a research partner help you take your company to the next level? Are you searching for a collaborative environment where your company can test and develop your product or service? Turku Science Park Ltd provides assistance with chrystallising your research needs and open a communications channel to the research group and testing platform best suited for your company. Get more information through the image links below.

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