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Located near the Turku shipyard, Blue Industry Park aims at becoming a leading production and innovation cluster of the maritime and manufacturing industries in European scale. The area serves companies of all sizes and strengthens the industrial clusters in the Turku region on the whole.

The competitive advantage of Blue Industry Park is the synergy created by the co-operation of enterprises and other actors in the area. Blue Industry Park combines a critical mass of resources and expertise and a competitive setting with production, product development, and research.

The logistic connections link the Blue Industry Park companies directly to the global markets by road, rail and air.

The area provides an excellent setting for production, as well as continuous renewal, and maintenance and development of top expertise.


Sustainable development plays a major role in Blue Industry Park area. Read more in this brochure here (ISSUU) or here (PDF). Both links in Finnish only.

Building specifications

Office and innovations centre

The Visitor Centre comprises of two towers that are connected to each other by a lookout bridge. The west tower serves as the local innovation centre with premises customised for innovation events for small groups, and an innovation hall with a stage. There is plenty of office and exhibition space for companies, as well as premises for start-up and pop-up activities. The top floor houses a high-quality lunch canteen with a connection to the lookout bridge.

Blue Industry Park administration and service centre

The east tower of the Visitor Centre serves as the administration and service centre of Blue Industry Park. It offers diverse services to the companies operating in the area. In the booking centre you can order services and book a rental space e.g. in a workshop hotel, office complex or accommodation centre. The maintenance and bookings of the resource bank, and orders for logistics services and transports can also be done here. The centre covers maintenance, security and health services.

Logistics centre

The logistics centre provides the transport and messenger services for Blue Industry Park. There is a truck parking area for waiting and resting periods located next to it. The northern main logistics centre also administers the smaller centre on the south side which serves the port and the shipyard area. Both logistics centres may also serve logistics needs outside the area.

Accomodation centres

There are two accommodation centres in the area which offer high-quality module accommodation and provide the necessary services for temporary accommodation, such as a gym, sauna, washroom and laundry. The total accommodation capacity of both centres is around 1,000 people.

Workshop hotels

There are three workshop hotels in the Blue Industry Park area; one on the north side, one in the middle/eastern edge, and one on the south side. Companies can rent workshop premises of various size (200–2,000 m2) suited to their needs for assembly, storage, supply etc. (sheet metal, pipe and furnishing work etc.). In conjunction with the workshop hotels there is office space for rent, and module office rooms can also be placed in the actual workshop premises.

Engineering workshops / plants

There are several manufacturing industry workshops and plants of various size (2,000–10,000 m2) in the area. The plots of land have been planned in the rocky areas of Blue Industry Park and Yard Park, which will provide a firm foundation for heavy and demanding engineering workshop operations once the earthmoving work has been completed.

Research centre

The research centre includes laboratory and workshop premises planned for research and development. In addition, the higher floors of the buildings offer plenty of office space, conference rooms and lecture rooms e.g. for educational establishments or for joint programmes and development projects of companies and educational establishments.

Paint shop / Surface treatment plant 

Especially for the painting and surface treatment of streel structures and different project objects.

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