Relocating to another country always includes a lot of variables. Among the most crucial, is to make sure you have the appropriate work and residence permits, a comfortable living situation, and any family moving with you have their affairs in order. In addition to permits and establishing your right of residence, connecting with local services and networks for internationals can be a big help.

Our Personal Guide will provide you with a list of what you need to take care of based on your particular situation.

International House Turku is a one-stop service for internationals in Turku. If you’re relocating to the region, International House Turku will help you settle in.

Living in the Turku region

Watch our Living and Working in Turku and Southwest Finland video series and find out more about the following topics:

“…you have the culture, the history, the technology, and the knowledge provided by the universities. And then you also have nature and the beautiful surroundings, the calm archipelago, and the islands. All connected with the whole world.”

Markéta Mikolajková-Alifov on why Turku region is the perfect place to work and live

Do you want to hear first-hand from internationals what living and working in the Turku region feels for them? Watch our Life in Southwest Finland as an International Talent testimonial series. Why not start with the video below?

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