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Niko Karinen

Growth Advisor
+358 10 321 8894

Hello there! I’m a growth advisor and an organizer/facilitator in the Northbound Scaleups program. As scaleups, we mean companies that have initial product-market fit domestically, and they’re ready to expand. In the program, we are enabling and helping these scaleup companies from the readiness to actually doing it ­– entering the new international market(s).

I’m a M.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Turku mainly with entrepreneurial, marketing and ICT studies. My professional background is all about entrepreneurship, B2B sales, business development, startups, growth and tech – to mention a few.

I love to discuss, analyze, evaluate and spar – whether it’d be about business ideas, validations, earning logics, processes, bottlenecks, team spirit, strategies or basically anything. Most likely, I’ll have some creative input on the discussion but if not, at least I consider myself a good listener!

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