Growth and development advisory services are personal and confidential services for a company’s key personnel. After charting out the specifics of the starting situation, the specialists at Turku Science Park Ltd. provide assistance with questions relating to, for example, the company’s growth, cost structure and research and development operations. At the same time, they will also determine what funding options are available. The services are suitable for all fields, but we are also able to provide field-specific expertise.

Personal growth advisory services

The service begins with mapping out what the customer’s developmental needs are.

Afterwards, the goals, alternative scenarios, needs relating to space and resources, and the documentation of the planning are defined.

You will also receive support in finding partners and skilled labour. You can also utilise our networks to find help with highly specialised questions.

Field-specific growth advisory service

In addition to general guidance, you will also receive field-specific advice on business models, R&D opportunities and the legislation, regulation and networks relevant to your field.

We will help your business find the infrastructure that best services your field as well as the relevant funding programmes and contacts.

We will also assist you in strengthening your field-specific expertise, and help you build connections to the field’s leading companies and most important events.

Growth and development advisory services – contact our growth advisors!