Growth with International Talent services help your company in finding, attracting and recruiting international talents from Finland and abroad. Our expertise connects you to active networks offering support and guidance to companies and new talents in the Turku region.

We help

  • with reaching international professionals, researchers and students in Finland and abroad
  • with questions related to international recruitment
  • with developing an international work community

We offer

  • matchmaking and recruitment events for employers and talents
  • information on financial support related to recruitment
  • links to services and professional networks targeted to international talents

Attracting international talents

Securing the supply of skilled experts is crucial for the growth of Turku region’s businesses. Yet, not all of the experts the companies need can be found in Finland, which means that they have to be attracted from abroad. Increasing higher education and retaining those international degree students who are already in the country is more important than ever.

Help with finding the right international talent UNICOM – Uniting Companies and International University Talents

International talent recruitment and relocation

International recruiment often requires extra attention. The Talent Boost network in the Turku region offers business help with attracting and recruiting international talents. Many international studies conclude that especially cultural diversity clearly increases the probability for companies to reach above-average results.

Services for companies

Networks and services for new employees

It is important to offer support for new employees to make their relocation into a new country as smooth as possible. Often the partner or family of the talent will move with them, and their satisfaction affects the retention of the talent. There is an increasing number of events and services that are open for everyone.

Services for employees

Events and news

The Talent Boost network offers events for companies that are interested in hiring international talents and supporting growth and development. The events share information about the services and tools that are available for the companies. The network also organises matchmaking events, where the company can connect with talents, for example, international students.

Upcoming events for companies Upcoming events for talents News related to skilled labour