Rapid growth is rarely achieved organically. It often require financial assistance from the outside. Our growth advisors will analyse your company’s current situation (for example, the market, competition and financial situations) and provide assistance with finding the right funding alternative for you.

Potential funding alternatives

  • Public company subsidies and development funding (Business Finland, Centre for Economic Development, Traffic and the Environment, EU financing instruments)
  • Debt financing with backers (banks, Finnvera, the European Investment Fund)
  • Equity financing (business angels with their networks, crowdfunding, intitutional investors)

What is best for my company?

Our growth advisors know both the opportunities and the limitations of each form and instrument.

By having our advisors outline your company’s situation we can find the best alternative for you.

In situations that require specilised knowledge, you can also use the expertise of our network’s funders and financiers (issuing shares, loans based on options, etc.)

Contac us and we will tell you more about the available funding options