Services for New Employees

International House Turku

International House Turku is a one-stop service for internationals in Turku. It brings together counselling and guidance services promoting and supporting the integration of international newcomers in Turku and the Turku region. The services are offered in many languages, across multiple channels and they are easily accessible.

Career in Turku & Southwest Finland  

The Career in Turku & Southwest Finland site gathers information about Southwest Finland in English. It contains crucial information about the services aimed at international talents, tips for settling in, an event calendar, as well as news and contact information.

Welcome to Turku! Events

The events are aimed at recent arrivals to the Turku region. They offer an opportunity for networking also for people who have lived here for a longer time. Information about the upcoming events can be found on the Career in Southwest Finland site.

Welcome to Finland Guide 

A clear and legally informative infoblast. The aim of the guide is to provide support at the very start of relocating to Finland. It contains information about living, working, the authorities and Finnish society and culture. You can download it in English here.

Networks for Talents in Finland

Local networks are crucial for a new employee to feel themselves welcome. New employees and their families can be informed about the following channels:

Language Training for Employees

The online service compiles every course that’s available for Finnish learners to develop their skills. The site is great for students, teachers, and anyone interested in learning the Finnish language.

Companies can apply for Workplace Finnish / Swedish language training that will be customized to the specific needs of your company. The language training aims to improve the personnel’s, who have a foreign background, capacity to manage their work tasks in Finnish.