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Michael Lindholm

Network Manager
+358 40 502 0089

My educational background higher university degree in Sciences’ (ICT) from Åbo Akademi University and an electrician. I’ve been an entrepreneur in the ICT sector for over 25 years and joined Turku Science Park Ltd in December 2017. I have also more than ten years in the entrepreneur organization which included vice chairman of Turku Entrepreneurs, a member of Southwest Finland and Finnish entrepreneurs of the Board and Chairman of the national Swedish Network well as a board member of Finnish Enterprises as . I have also been the chairman of Åbo Svenska Teater 2016-2020.

My areas of expertise are entrepreneurship, networking and internationalization, as well as technology-focused networks in the creative industries nationally and internationally.

My job description includes the coordination of intelligent technology, ie AI and ICT in our area, as well as cooperation with the SME and larger companies field as well as a closer cooperation between business, universities, education and the public sector creates a basis for new innovations as well as successful new products.

I can help you with the above, so get in touch!

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