Innovation means much more than product development or the ability to invent something new. It also involves leadership, corporate culture, understanding customer needs, and managing the life cycle of the innovation process. The free-of-charge innovation management capacity assessment implemented under supervision of our experts and our advisory services based thereon help to develop the company’s innovation capacity, corporate culture, and business in general.

Whom is it for?

  • For SMEs investing in development and aiming at growth, often also on international markets.
  • Generally for companies with at least 10 employees that have been operating for a few years, but in some cases it is also suited to smaller and younger companies.

What is the service like?

  • Innovation management capacity is found to be better in companies that actively measure it.
  • By assessing the innovation strategy, operating culture, innovation life cycles, enabling factors and innovation outcomes, the company gets an overall picture of its innovation management capacity and what needs to be improved.
  • The development actions planned on the basis of this assessment will allow the company to improve the performance of its innovation activities and its business on the whole.
  • Phase 1: Assessment of the company’s innovation management capacity through IMP3rove Innovation Management Assessment tool and discussions (approximately 0.5 days). For smaller and younger companies the assessment is carried using the slightly lighter Innovation Management Excellence Assessment tool.
  • Phase 2: Based on the assessment, development needs are determined and an operational programme is drawn up (0.5–1 days).
  • Phase 3: Implementation of the operational programme in which our experts are there to support you. This often also includes, for example, referral to more in-depth services of other experts or seeking financing for more extensive development projects.