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SmartCHEM summit 2018


Welcome to the SmartCHEM summit 2018!

Turku Science Park Ltd. arranges SmartCHEM summit 2018 which presents the latest innovations in bio-based production and solutions for creating new businesses from side-streams. The event gathers industry, growth companies, experts and academics from Finland and Europe on May 22nd 2018 to the brand new Visitor and Innovation Centre Joki in Turku, Finland.

After the event, IBC Finland organizes a Hackathon together with the BiOpen project, to which all seminar attendees are warmly welcome to discuss sustainable solutions under several theme tables.

Preliminary program

8:00 Registration and morning coffee 

Session 1: Building up bio-based business

  • Linda Fröberg-Niemi, Turku Science Park Ltd. Supporting SMEs to growth in a changing business environment.
  • Sirpa Pietikäinen, Member of European Parliament, Bio- and circular economy development in EU.
  • Tor Stendahl, BASF, Renewable-based products in the chemical industry –  BASF perspective
  • Pia Nilsson, UPM, Biochemicals derived from renewable wood for industrial and biomedical applications.
  • Lari Vähäsalo, CH-Bioforce, Startup`s point of view -building up a bio-based business.
  • Ali Harlin, Infinited Fibre Company, Promising innovation for bio-based textile industry – challenges and opportunities.
  • Jaakko Kaminen, Welmu International, The revolution of bio-based packaging film – building up business from a research invention, pros and cons.

11:15-12:15 Lunch

Session 2: New business models for circular and bio-based economies

  • Petri Lehmus, Neste, Fuels to plastics and plastics to fuels – combining bio and circular economies.
  • Kari Poikela, Kemi-Tornio, Finnish industrial circular economy centre – ongoing activities today.
  • Ilona Liukkonen, St1, Bioproducts from industrial sidestreams – How to make profitable circular economy.
  • Novamont, How to make business from renewable raw material in EU? tbc.
  • Kenneth Ekman, Crisolteq, Startup`s point of view – building up a business based on sidestream utilization.

14:00 Refreshments and networking

14:15-17:00 IBC Finland Hackaton/BiOpen workshop

19:00 – Get-together and a light buffet in Aboa Vetus Ars Nova, Itäinen Rantakatu 4-6.


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SmartCHEM summit 2018 is a partner event to the EU Green Week, and an official free side event of SHIFT 2018. SHIFT Business Festival gathers 4000 entrepreneurs and experts from different industries to connect and discover unexpected opportunities, as well as craft sustainable solutions for future business in the new era of co-evolution of human and machine.

Tickets to SHIFT for SmartCHEM summit participants are available here.


The event is free of charge but requires registration.


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