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SmartCHEM summit 2018

Save the date: SmartCHEM summit!

SmartCHEM summit 2018 presents the latest innovations in bio-based production and solutions for creating new businesses from industrial side streams. The event gathers industry, growth companies, experts and adacemics from Finland and Europe on May 22th 2018 to the brand new Visitor Centre Joki in Turku, Finland.

During the event you`ll hear inspiring speeches by companies like BASF, Neste Oil, UPM, St1, CH-Bioforce and Welmu International, as well as an overview of European targets in bio- and circular economies, by policy makers.

At the event IBC Finland organizes a Hackathon, to which all seminar attendees are warmly welcome to discuss sustainable solutions under several themes including forest industry side-streams, biotechnology and waste water treatment.

Please mark your calendar and we`ll meet in the top bio- and circular economy event of the year!

Registration opens in the beginning of March.

Event is organized by Smart Chemistry Park/Turku Science Park Ltd.Åbo Akademi, University of Turku and IBC Finland in collaboration with SHIFT Business festival.

SmartCHEM summit is an official free side event of SHIFT 2018. SHIFT Business Festival gathers 4000 entrepreneurs and experts from different industries to connect and discover unexpected opportunities, as well as craft sustainable solutions for future business in the new era of co-evolution of human and machine.

Tickets to SHIFT for SmartCHEM participants are available here:


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