The filming of Visa Koiso-Kanttila’s new movie has begun in the Turku and Salo regions.


The filming of the drama film with the working title “Uhma” has begun in Salo in February 2024. The film, scheduled for an early 2025 release in cinemas, narrates a story based on true events in 2020s Finland. It revolves around young individuals who struggle for acceptance and a better life amidst a broken system.

Actress Ona Huczkowski portrays the film’s main character Vilma. Photo: Rabbit Films

At the heart of the story, written by Reeta Ruotsalainen and directed by Visa Koiso-Kanttila, is Vilma (Ona Huczkowski), a young girl who finds herself in a youth home. She rebels against the staff dominated by fear and a system that has forgotten the child’s welfare. The vibrant drama, drawing from the internal world of youth filled with rage and love, originates from isolated real events. The film is based on Koiso-Kanttila’s extensive research on the issues in child protection institutions, resulting in the creation of an eight-part radio documentary series called “Huostassa” (Yle Areena, 2020).

“I tackle subjects that otherwise wouldn’t get attention. In Finland, there are 20,000 children and young people in foster care, and I wanted to give them a voice.”

Director Visa Koiso-Kanttila

The lead role in the film will be played by Ona Huczkowski, known for numerous film and TV roles, including “Hirttämättömät” (2023). Huczkowski is pleased to have been selected to portray Vilma from among approximately a hundred applicants. Adult roles in the film will feature actors such as Kati Outinen, Emmi Parviainen, Tuomas Nilsson, and Samuli Niittymäki.

The story is set in a reform school. Photo: Rabbit Films

Salo serves as the main filming location for the film. The Salo region is part of the West Finland Film Commission’s area of service, which means the film commission also promotes Salo as a filming location for international and domestic productions.

“I’ve noticed that Salo successfully attracts productions where the setting is an essential part of the story! The tv-series “Mobile 101” shot in 2021, found authentic locations for its narrative in Salo, and now “Uhma” has discovered a fantastic stage for its story at Bergvik Manor, which also served as a children’s home in the past,” says Laura Malinen, production coordinator for the West Finland Film Commission.

The film production involves numerous professionals from the audiovisual industry in Turku and Salo. Additionally, the film has provided opportunities for university students to join the production as assistants in various roles. Producer Tiina Pesonen values the collaboration with the West Finland Film Commission immensely.

“We have always found excellent professionals for our productions here! It’s a pleasure to come back to Salo and Turku for filming – especially when we have many partners waiting for us here after Nokia. We can thank the film commission for helping us find them.”

Producer Tiina Pesonen from Rabbit Films

The film is produced by Tiina Pesonen, Minna Haapkylä, and Olli Suominen for Rabbit Films, known for their high-quality and award-winning drama productions, including Aleksi Salmenperä‘s “Kupla” and Jani Volanen‘s “Munkkivuori.” B-Plan Distribution will handle the film’s distribution in Finland. The production is funded by the Finnish Film Foundation, Yle, the Church Media Foundation, the City of Salo, and the West Finland Film Commission/Business Turku.