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Stormskärs Maja arrives to Turku

The Old Great Square in Turku will transform itself to 19th-century market with almost a hundred Turku-based film extras. The main location for Stormskärs Maja is in the northern part of mainland Åland, but filming will also take place in Turku in May. The West Finland Film Commission helped to organize the filming in Turku.

Photo: Emma Poutanen, WFFC

The feature film Myrskyluodon Maija – Stormskärs Maja, produced by Solar Films, brings the world of the 19th century to the present day through modern filmmaking. The film, written by director Tiina Lymi and based on a series of novels by Anni Blomqvist, has been in production since March.

The film’s significant market scene will be shot in Turku’s Old Great Square. The market scene was created in cooperation with Turun Suurtorin keskiaika Ry and the Turku Medieval Market vendors.

The enthusiasm shown by Turku’s film extras towards our film production has been remarkable. We received over 200 applications, and unfortunately for us, we couldn’t accommodate everyone,” says producer Hanna Virolainen.

Each extra was individually dressed in costumes appropriate for the film’s era for the crowd scene. The first group of film extras arrived on set at 6:30 in the morning for makeup and costume preparation.

“I’m really excited about this experience! When I saw the casting call on Facebook, I immediately realized it was a chance to fulfill a dream from my bucket list,” comments Matti Riikari, who is working as a film extra for the first time. (Yle Turku Radio, May 17, 2023)

Photo: Emma Poutanen, WFFC

The unique filming locations in the Turku region attract filmmakers

The West Finland Film Commission and the City of Turku have warmly welcomed the production to Turku. Turku’s historic surroundings are among the finest in Finland, attracting filmmakers to the region year after year. Numerous historical films and TV series have been filmed in the Old Great Square and Luostarin välikatu.

“Besides providing authentic locations for historical stories, filmmakers are also drawn to the Turku region due to its archipelago, diverse natural landscapes, and intriguing architecture,” explains Film Commissioner Teija Raninen. “For instance, Ran Huang, the Chinese director of What Remains (2021), discovered and fell in love with Paimio Sanatorium after a Google image search, leading to it becoming the film’s primary location!”

The West Finland Film Commission promotes the Turku region as a filming location for both international and domestic film and TV productions. They assist productions filming in the area by arranging permits and connecting them with local assistants and experts.

Producer Hanna Virolainen thanks the West Finland Film Commission for their invaluable assistance in bringing the market scene to life.

“Filming in Turku is always a delightful experience. The warm welcome and expert support we receive here are truly exceptional.”

The premiere of Myrskyluodon Maija – Stormskärs Maja is scheduled for 2024.