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Recruiting company, could the Netherlands be an option?

Europe’s biggest emigration fair brings more than 10 000 jobseekers under one roof. Companies in the Turku region have the opportunity to participate in the fair from 1-2 April as part of the Finnish stand.

Companies in the Turku region have the opportunity to participate in Europe’s largest migration fair as part of Finland’s #FinlandWorks stand, no matter the sector or the extent of the company’s recruitment needs. The stand will showcase Finland’s opportunities for a good life combined with interesting companies and job vacancies in the participating regions. The aim is to attract talent that is currently not found in Finland. There are various options for companies to participate in the fair. Most of these options are free of charge and require few resources.

Emigration Expo is held annually in Houten, the Netherlands. This year the fair will take place from 1-2 April 2023 and attracts more than 10,000 visitors from the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium each year. Most of the visitors are highly educated. Many working Dutch people in fields such as IT, healthcare, and engineering are thinking of moving and the Nordic countries are a popular destination for migration.

“This is the third time that Finland will have a large stand at Emigration Expo. Finland has been praised for its visible and attractive stand in previous years. We are participating again because of the large number of visitors, and who are the kind of people our companies need. Many fair visitors have also already considered a new career in another country. The Dutch in particular have been interested in the space Finland offers to live and breathe while building an internationally significant career,” says Heidi Popova, Project Manager, Kokka kohti Suomea -project.

#FinlandWorks joint stand at the Emigration Expo. Photo from 2020.

There are many ways for companies to join, including:

  • Visibility to job vacancies
  • Company presentation during the fair. This can be done on-site or remotely. The company presentation can also be recorded in advance, e.g. as a TE-Live recruitment broadcast.
  • Recruitment interviews live or remotely
  • Visibility and participation in the #FinlandWorks stand free of charge (the participating company pays for their person to come on-site)

The Netherlands is an attractive destination for finding new employees, among other reasons, because around 15 000 people emigrate from the Netherlands each year. The average age of visitors to the Emigration Expo is 31 years. Of these, 61% have a university degree and 76% are looking for new opportunities. 65% of visitors have indicated their intention to emigrate within the next two years.

Contact us and let’s find a way for your company to get involved!

Megumi Hayashi, tel. +358 10 321 8882

Tomi Puranen, tel. +358 29 504 4733

Participation in the Emigration Expo is part of the national Kokka Kohti Suomea -project, which aims to secure the growth of companies by promoting the recruitment of international talent into the Finnish labor market. In Southwest Finland, participation in the fair is organised by Turku Science Park Ltd and EURES.