Building Successful Scaleups in the Central Baltic Area

Duration: 1.3.2023 – 28.2.2025

Project partners: Turku Science Park Ltd (Turku, Finland), Tehnopol (Tallinn, Estonia), and Movexum (Gävle, Sweden).

Funding: Total budget: € 1.123.558,38, of which € 896.524,05 from the European Regional Development Fund/Central Baltic Interreg

Apply for the next round by September 7th!

Read more about the practicalities of the programme from our news post or check out the official Central Baltic project website.

Northbound Scaleups aims at:

Offering methods for inspiring more startups to conquer markets outside the home market by providing strong support for the scaling companies:

● NBSCALE Program

● Personal growth mentor for each startup

● Expert mentors to support scaling up – pool of 150 mentors covering specific needs

● Founder2founder support

By combining best practices in cross-border collaboration of three project partners in Finland, Estonia and Sweden; all with high innovation capacity, but limited national market opportunities.

Northbound Scaleups will result in:

● more companies achieving scaled-up status

● enhanced cross-border process for internationalization readiness

We will help 45 companies during the project duration:

● NBSCALE Program, parts 1-2: finding market fit and implementing soft landing on target market. Raising investments , developing the business model, new product/service, expanded the key team. Revenue from foreign target market during or latest soon after project duration.

Market Discovery Mission: revenue from foreign target market during project duration.

Northbound Scaleups is a joint cooperation venture between

Turku Science Park Ltd, Finland
Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol, Estonia
Movexum AB, Sweden

Contact Person at Turku Science Park Ltd: Johanna Puhtila