Machining Company EJT-Tekniikka Seeks Growth by Investing in Modern Production Technology


The Finnish marine industry network company aims for even more resource-wise business. The trick is done by investing in modern machinery and a bigger factory space.

A lot has happened lately in the Finnish machining company EJT-Tekniikka. The company has invested in a modern industrial laser cutting machine and a powerful bending machine.

In addition, the company has moved to a bigger factory space in Rusko, right next to the city of Turku and Turku airport. The factory space, more than double the size of the old one, was previously occupied by the concrete manufacturing company Consolis Parma.

– Investments in new machinery and a bigger factory space increase our production capacity and operational efficiency significantly and enable us to widen our customer base,

says Sales and Purchasing Manager Juha Leppänen.

Founded in 2015, EJT-Tekniikka has grown rapidly as a part of the marine industry companies’ network in the Turku region. Leppänen says that the company’s investments stem from the shipyards’ needs.

A bigger factory space and investments in modern machinery make it possible for EJT-Tekniikka to widen its customer base. Juha Leppänen is grateful for Marko Puhtila from Business Turku and Mika Heinonen from the municipality of Rusko for their help along the way.

– The shipbuilding industry uses the biggest steel plates in the market. The processing of these plates requires a lot of space and large-scale machinery. Meyer Turku is our key customer, and good co-operation with the shipyard has made our growth possible, Leppänen says.

More Resource-wise Business

EJT-Tekniikka’s investments are based on a new concept the company has created, called Resource-wise Machining Services. The idea of the concept is that the materials and resources are used more effectively with the help of modern technology and software.

– Before, we processed seven million kilos of steel in a confined space. Now, with the new factory space and machinery, our capacity doubles, Leppänen says.

The company specialises in cutting customer-owned materials: the customer can deliver their materials to EJT-Tekniikka, and the company then refines the materials further.

The new 20-kilowatt bevel laser cutting machine cuts ordinary steel but also for example stainless steel and aluminium. The cutting is more precise and efficient than before. At the same time, accurate bevels for welding can also be made in one single work stage.

Our cutting table is the biggest in the market in Finland. The bigger the steel plate is, the smarter we can arrange the cuts and thus optimise waste – this is what we mean with being resource-wise,

Leppänen says.

He thinks that a machining company must invest to stay competitive. He sees future business opportunities for example in new carbon neutral cruise vessels and large green transition projects, such as offshore wind power construction.

– Economic changes have been fast in recent years. We want to look out for new customers also elsewhere in the metal industry.

A Perfect Location for Metal Industry

EJT-Tekniikka is located in Rusko, a small town right next to the city of Turku, because they happened to find factory premises that suited their needs. Leppänen is grateful for the low hierarchy and engagement of the municipality of Rusko.

If we need to construct new premises for the company, I believe that the licencing matters will be dealt with quickly. This is very important for companies who want to invest. The needs to expand usually come rapidly and there is no time for long licencing processes,

Leppänen says.
In the future, Juha Leppänen from EJT-Tekniikka sees business opportunities in for instance new carbon neural cruise vessels and in offshore wind power construction.

He wishes that the subcontractors in the metal industry would co-operate even more and find synergy benefits. He thinks that the Rusko industry area, located in the vicinity of Turku airport and the Meyer shipyard, would be a perfect place to operate also for other metal industry companies.

– The municipality of Rusko has been very welcoming and there is plenty of space in the neighbourhood. This would be a good spot to develop a versatile service park for the metal industry.

Essential Sparring from Business Turku

EJT-Tekniikka has received half a million euros of funding from the European Regional Development Fund, which covers 20 percent of the company’s current investment project.

Leppänen is grateful for the ideation and sparring help he has gotten from Business Turku in completing the funding application.

– With the help of Business Turku, the application was completed relatively easily. The investment project itself was built in collaboration with Meyer Turku.

In the future, Leppänen wishes help from Business Turku in developing the co-operation of the metal industry companies in the area and in bringing various potential partners together.

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  • A Finnish machining and marine industry network company
  • Founded in 2015
  • 8 000 m2 company premises, 30000 m2 plot of land
  • Provides employment for almost 50 people
  • Revenue of approximately 8 million euros in 2023

Text and pictures: Heidi Pelander