Customer story: Inlisol Tackles the Problems of Elderly Care with Remote Health Monitoring

Kuvituskuva: Inlisol Oy:n perustajat yhteiskuvassa Marko Puhtilan kanssa

The technology startup founders Aki Nummela and Amin Torabi think that Business Turku’s networks, advice and sparring have been crucial along the way to commercialising their solution.

Rapidly aging societies. Lack of resources and staff in elderly care. Stressed and overworked nurses. Tragic news of elderly people falling over in their homes without anyone noticing.

These are the key issues that the Finnish technology startup inlisol wants to solve.

We realised that we can actually do something about this situation with our experience and competence,

says Aki Nummela, one of the two founders.

The company has developed a new technology solution, which enables 24/7 remote monitoring of a person’s well-being. The technology measures activity, vital signs and falls, and alerts care professionals when necessary.

In the first phase, the solution is offered to healthcare professionals in elderly care facilities and home care. In the future, the company wants to widen its customer base to family members who take care of their elderly loved ones.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life of the elderly,

says cofounder Amin Torabi.

Privacy-Respecting Technology

Inlisol’s technology can be divided into three parts. A radar sensor, which is installed to a wall, collects data from the living space. This data is then analysed with cloud-based AI technology and advanced algorithms.

Inlisol’s remote health monitoring system is camera-free. Only a radar censor needs to be attached to a wall in the living space, the entrepreneurs Aki Nummela and Amin Torabi say.

– Finally, the user gets the processed information on their smart device application. In the future, these reports can also be integrated into our client’s IT ecosystem, Nummela says.

The user gets real-time information of a person’s activity, sleep duration and pattern, and heart and respiratory rates while sleeping. The solution also detects falls and enables two-way communication.

Nummela and Torabi stress that the privacy, safety, and independence of the elderly have been their key values when searching the right kind of technology.

We are not able to detect who is in the space or their activity in detail, but we are able to know whether they are ok,

Nummela explains.

Valuable Advice and Sparring

Inlisol was founded in 2021 and is based in Uusikaupunki. In February 2024, the company is very close to commercialising their solution. Customer trials are on-going with two health care providers, Attendo and Palvelukeskus Helsinki.

According to Nummela and Torabi, getting this far has required a lot of co-operation with different partners. They have also got valuable advice and sparring from Business Turku along the way.

Nummela thinks that the most important service has been the Investment Readiness Process.  IRP by Beels is a tool which prepares startups for raising early-stage funding from investors.

Nummela says the process taught them about communicating with investors and about the importance of evaluating their company’s value. He thinks it was the key to closing their first investor round.

I think this process should be mandatory for all startup entrepreneurs.

Torabi and Nummela also think that Business Turku is an important player in bringing the right people together. Through networking, they have found an expert on health care regulation and created valuable contacts with investors and potential partners also abroad.

– The mental support from Business Turku has meant a lot. It is important to know that you don’t have to do everything alone and that there’s help available, Nummela says.

Global Business Aims

Torabi and Nummela have ambitious plans. They want inlisol to be the best solution provider in its field. The business idea is very scalable, and they aim to make their business global.

But first we have to master the home market, which also works as a testing laboratory for our solution,

Torabi says.

Inlisol’s service journey with Business Turku

January 2022 Testbed co-operation with Heath Campus Turku. “We also found a valuable expert on health care regulation through the campus network.”

May 2022 Inlisol is accepted to ProHealth Growth Programme, with themed workshops and events at SparkUp Turku. “Via this programme, we have managed to meet some potential clients in Japan.”

June 2023 StartingUp workshop sessions focusing on value proposition. “Good lessons of analysing our customers, the product and the pain points of creating business.”

October 2023 Inlisol completes the Investment Readiness Process by Reels. “In the process, we realised the huge difference between communicating with investors and with clients.”

Turn of the year 2023-2024 Inlisol is accepted to DIGIT-PRE EU-project, which promotes the development of digital healthcare solutions that help to prevent and forecast health challenges.

Would you like to hear more about our services or the IRP process?

Please contact: Marko Puhtila – Business Turku