Digitalisation and health data: a source of competitive advantage and a way to improve healthcare efficiency


Healthcare is continually adapting and improving through advancements in technology, regulatory updates, and emerging trends. Digitalisation and health data offer a source of competitive advantage for SMEs and a way to enhance the efficacy of healthcare in general. To support SMEs in this rapidly evolving environment, Business Turku is driving innovation through strategic collaborations.  

Business Turku acts as the ecosystem matchmaker and innovation facilitator in the largest health cluster in Finland, HealthTurku. It fosters collaboration in close cooperation with local, national, and international players. To companies it offers growth and business development services through an existing network of SMEs, research institutes, healthcare-related test beds and investors.

“As a regional development company, Business Turku has identified digitalisation and the use of health data as a source of competitive advantage for SMEs and a way to enhance the efficacy of healthcare in general,” tells Henrik Honkanen, Senior Specialist at Business Turku and Project Coordinator for HealthHub Finland.

To support SMEs, Business Turku initiated and is now coordinating HealthHub Finland, a European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) focusing on accelerating digitalisation of the healthcare sector.

HealthHub Finland will make a lasting impact on the society through its customers, says Henrik Honkanen.

Through HealthHub Finland, Business Turku offers business development services and support to find investments to companies in their incubation or early growth stages. It offers business incubation and acceleration programmes, guidance and mentorship for healthcare innovation, provides information about financing instruments, organises pitching competitions, and provides innovation management assessments through Business Turku’s presence in the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).

“It’s exciting that through HealthHub Finland we can support SMEs and the public sector on their journey to create new innovative solutions. I urge all SMEs with health innovation needs to contact us. We have allocated almost 500 000 € to subsidise our tailored services to SMEs,” says Honkanen.

Future Initiatives and Staying Ahead

Business Turku is committed to adapting its services to cater to the changing needs of digital health SMEs. This ensures that their services remain relevant and effective in the rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

“All initiatives we participate in and all the services we provide are based on customer need. We aim to tailor our services towards digital health SMEs even better in the future,” tells Honkanen.

When envisioning the future of HealthHub Finland, Honkanen believes: “On a national level, I expect that HealthHub Finland will make a lasting impact on our society through our customers. We will likely see innovations we’ve supported reaching our healthcare systems and improving the lives of citizens.”

On a European level Honkanen expects that HealthHub Finland will make the Finnish health and innovation ecosystem more known by promoting the Finnish testbed and health data ecosystem.

“We want to make Finland the number one go-to destination in digital health innovation for European SMEs.”

Henrik Honkanen

The partnership between Business Turku and HealthHub Finland exemplifies the potential of collaboration in advancing digital healthcare innovation. With Turku region’s rich history of pioneering development and a commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends, they are poised to make a meaningful impact on healthcare, ultimately enhancing the lives of patients and citizens through digital innovation.

“Serving our customers and improving the wellbeing of Finnish and European citizens through digital innovation is what motivates me to strive forward,” concludes Honkanen.

Contact HealthHub Finland’s business advisors to learn how HealthHub Finland can support your company.

The EDIH initiative is co-funded by the European Union and Business Finland.

HealthHub Finland is part of the EDIH Network, a pan-European partnership of over 150 European Digital Innovation Hubs. EDIHs function as service points that boost digital investment and, in particular, the digitalisation of SMEs. There are four EDIHs in Finland.

HealthHub Finland partners: Business Turku (coordinator), Business Oulu, Business Tampere, Finnish Biobanks (FINBB), KAMK University of Applied Sciences, Kuopio Health, University of Oulu, Varha – The wellbeing services county of Southwest Finland.


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