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Digital Heart Capital invests in modern corporate cultures and core digital solutions

  • The new Turku-based investment company is looking for growth-oriented startups
  • The target group is especially early-stage trial and error  and data-driven development companies
  • The new investment company is also of interest outside Finland

Sofokus Group, a digital business agency located in South-West Finland, has launched a new investment company called Digital Heart Capital. The goal of Digital Heart Capital is to help product-led and growth-minded start-ups that rely on a self-developed digital software product, the so-called “digital heart”.

“Finland is already known for its success in the gaming industry, and I strongly believe that we have the prerequisites to build more growth companies. We must succeed in creating a modern corporate culture and a digital software solution that fully supports the core operations right from the start”, describes Teemu Malinen, a multi-entrepreneur in digital business and founder of the Sofokus Group.

The target group of Digital Heart Capital is early-stage businesses that are not afraid of trial and error culture or data-led development. A modern start-up seeks competitive advantage in economies of speed: the direction of operations is continuously adjusted based on user reactions and market feedback.

The first investment of Digital Heart Capital has been made in, an analytics service that utilizes social media platforms. The service has rapidly grown in popularity and is already localized in 21 languages. Exolyt has reached 300 000 registered users and gained more than 1.5 million visitors in October.

“Our goal is to create a service that provides tangible benefits to both social media influencers and brands that are interested in gaining visibility. We first integrated our platform to TikTok, but we plan to support other well-known platforms soon”, says Henri Malkki, who is responsible for developing the Exolyt service.

Digital Heart Capital has already had contacts from start-ups in the Nordics and Baltic areas. Start-ups with a high performing team and solid idea need practical advice and resources in building lasting company culture supporting high growth along with the know-how of building and scaling world class digital products.

“Our concept, which focuses on digital business expertise (instead of just capital), has created more buzz than expected. We have received numerous inquiries, even though we have not launched ourselves in the market yet. There is a clear, yet latent potential in Europe, and we want to help in realizing this into great growth stories,” describes Turo Numminen, Head of Digital Heart Capital.