The Project Club is a new way of planning mutual incoming both public and private projects. The Club is based on an open process and the high skills of the members of the project. Projects handled in the Club supports basically any projects in their early stages. The goal is to find and excute project applications and planning with a high quality.

Anyone can bring a project plan to the table by entering the basic idea with theis sheet. It is of course also possible to share the idea by calling or sending an e-mail if you wish. Prepare to present your idea with a 5 minutes pitch. Note that some of the projects may be confidential. Projects will not be shared with anyone outside the Club than the organisations you choose. Please note that the Club will never start a project itself, it merely exist for sharing information and linking together companies or other organisations .

Our meetings usually starts with a short introduction of an interesting project or opening funding opportunity. Then we discuss currently open possibilities where partners can share their project ideas. Then, if necessary, we move to discussion groups where we can agree on the next steps. Next steps could be a descision of continuing to a planning phase, to contact someone outside the group that could be interested, to not to continue or something else.

Here some examples of projects you could suggest to the Club:

The International Club is open to The European ICT Alliance members and other invited organisations.

The Club has been piloted in Turku, Finland and we have discussed Green ICT, Aurora.AI, Digital City Twin possibilities and also the Allied ICT Finland in 17 themes.

Project Club Meeting

We do not have any scheduled meetings at the moment. Feel free to suggest subjects and projects

More information coming soon!