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Sneak peek to Maritime Accelerator startups

Maritime Accelerator’s first Bootcamp is around the corner and we are more than happy to introduce you few of the startups that are joining our corporate partners on this exciting journey. The goal of the Maritime Accelerator is to speed up building new partnerships between maritime corporations and the most innovative global startups. With the tools of open innovation we want to change the future of maritime industry and strengthen Finland’s position to become the leading European maritime hub.

The future is changed through cross industry innovations

From the total 500 startups screened by Avanto Ventures, the partner corporations have now interviewed the best 40 and only 10 growth companies are invited to the first Bootcamp where the potential of the corporate-startup joint opportunities will be validated. Here are few interesting picks from our chosen startups.

LocusLabs – The Location Platform For The Physical World

One of our chosen startups LocusLabs (founded in 2014, USA) gives global venues, enterprises and brands a digital platform to communicate, share and manage everything about their physical space. LocusLabs is building a centimeter-accurate model of the indoor world to power applications across mobile, IoT, robotics and augmented reality. At the moment for example Chicago O’Hare Airport is using LocusLabs’ newest product LocusMaps OnDisplay and we are eager to see how their innovations will fit to the marine industry.

Delta Cygni Labs – The new era of communication

Delta Cygni Labs (founded in 2013, Finland) is the first Finnish company that was selected for the European Space Agency’s business accelerator program. The company is solving technical human-to-human communication problems for industry, by applying scientific results and fundamental concepts of Cybernetics, Human-Machine-Systems and Augmented Reality. Their product POINTR Easy Remote Support is a smartphone application that enables the next level of communication through real-time AR annotations, live video streaming and voice chat from anywhere – even from the middle of the ocean – remotely!

Vital Vio – The Germ-Fighting LED Technology

Vital Vio is a healthcare solutions company (founded in 2012, USA) providing new tools to continuously kill germs indoors with the flip of a light switch. The company’s technology is suitable for continuous human exposure and it has no UV rays or harmful chemicals. Vital Vio’s lighting technology has been proven effective in killing different bacterias, yeast and fungi such as salmonella and E. Coli. The product is suitable for airplanes, public transportation, hospitals and offices. Could this be a way to make cruise ships safer for the passengers?

Here you can find the list full of chosen startups

Hema Imaging LLC

CEKO sensors

Thermal Radar 

WH Monitoring

Neuron Soundware

Tulip Interfaces

Delta CygniLabs


Marine Bubble Flow

Vital Vio