CITIES 4.0 – Climate Innovation Through Interactive Ecosystem Summits

Duration: 1.9.2022-30.4.2024

Project partners: Brainport Eindhoven, Leuven MindGate, Fondazione Innovazione Urbana, Turku Science Park Oy, Ecosystem Thinking Institute

Funding: European Union

Project in a nutshell: In CITIES 4.0, four innovation ecosystems from different European cities are preparing a joint multi-annual action plan with the aim of strengthening their efficiency, capacities and interconnection and jointly tackle the challenges, while maximising the impact of their contribution to the European Green Deal and to their cities’ efforts towards carbon-neutrality.

Duties of Turku Science Park Ltd.: Understanding and translating cities’ challenges and society needs to business opportunities

Contact person in Turku Science Park Ltd.: Aino Ukkola