BioMan4R2 – BioManufacturing Eurocluster for Recovery and Resilience in EU

Bioman4R2 logo and EuroClusters logo

Duration: 1.9.2022-31.12.2024

Project partners: Turku Science Park Ltd, Biocat La Fundació BioRegió de Catalunya Barcelona, BioRegio STERN Management GmbH., LifetecZONe, Górnośląski Akcelerator Przedsiębiorczości Rynkowej sp. z o.o., Medicen Paris Region and Council of European Bioregions

Funding: European Union

Project in a nutshell: COVID-19 posed challenges and exposed critical risks in EU supply chains in the health sector. The BioMan4R2 program aims to improve manufacturing processes, transfer disruptive medical technologies, strengthen the competitiveness and sustainability of the European healthcare ecosystem by fostering long-term collaboration among SMEs, investment funds, research, clinical and knowledge-intensive organizations, science and technology parks and other companies in these sectors. One concrete action is to establish a Eurocluster and launch an SME Support Programme targeted at the biotech and medtech industries.

Duties of Turku Science Park Ltd.: Project Management

Contact person in Turku Science Park Ltd.: Merja Tieaho