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Janne Mustonen appointed CEO of Turun Seudun Kehitys Ltd development company

In addition to his duties as CEO, Janne Mustonen is responsible for creating, maintaining and developing the Invest in process in the Turku region as part of the business services provided by Turku Science Park Ltd. Mustonen has a strong background in successfully attracting companies and investments to the Oulu region.

Janne Mustonen smiles and sits on the stairs.
Janne Mustonen has a clear vision for his future work: “Together, we will make the Turku region one of the most competitive and attractive regions in Europe for growth companies.” Photo by Shoja Lak.

This January, Janne Mustonen became the CEO of the Turku region development company Turun Seudun Kehitys Ltd and Manager of Invest in activities in the Turku region. Mustonen has previously worked as the CEO of TIVIA, before which he was responsible for bringing ICT investments to the Oulu region as BusinessOulu’s ICT sector Account Manager.

“I missed working with companies again. I am very excited to work for the most diverse economic region in Finland, with a particularly long history of value creation”, says Mustonen.

Mustonen has a solid professional background for his new role. As BusinessOulu’s ICT Account Manager for ten years, Mustonen’s responsibilities included building global export channels, clusters and value chains, and creating new types of services to support business growth in the Oulu region. During this time, major investment measures were launched in Oulu.

“Together with Oulu’s stakeholders, we set something of a world record when 15 foreign ICT companies set up in Oulu within nine months. In total, we attracted around 30 ICT companies to invest in the region”, says Mustonen.

Tom Palenius, CEO of Turku Science Park Ltd, believes that Mustonen has a lot to offer to the Turku region, both thanks to his experience and his personality.

“Janne brings with him a huge amount of experience from successful Invest in activities. He is also an approachable person, which creates excellent conditions for marketing investment opportunities and for building close contacts with our partners,” says Palenius.

The role of CEO is brand new for Turun Seudun Kehitys Ltd. The consolidation of the region’s Invest in activities and the concentration of leadership will strengthen the region’s standing in international competition.

“Turun Seudun Kehitys Ltd is a key platform for cooperation between the municipalities in the region, and it will be further strengthened by the new CEO role. Invest in activities have already been successfully implemented in the spearhead fields of Turku Science Park as part of the company’s business services, and now Mustonen’s role as the person responsible for the Invest in process will fit well within this framework,” says Niko Kyynäräinen, member of the board of Turun Seudun Kehitys and the City of Turku’s Director of Business and Economic Development.

The new CEO sees an internationally strong region

Janne Mustonen has a clear vision for his future work. He emphasizes that successful Invest in activities require active cooperation between the different actors in the region. Mustonen sees his role as a coordinator.

“We need the right players to build our offerings. The region needs to have a clear focus and a strong message, if we are to succeed in the competitive landscape and attract investments,” says Mustonen.

Mustonen says that from the perspective of international companies, the Turku region has a wide range of strengths, both in business and in the cutting edge of science and education.

“The Turku region offers an excellent platform for business investments. Together, we will make the Turku region one of the most competitive and attractive regions in Europe for growth companies, both those already in the region and those moving here.”

Janne Mustonen is an eMBA from Aalto University and a Master of Education from the University of Oulu.

Turun Seudun Kehitys Ltd is a business development company owned by the municipalities of the Turku region and Turku Science Park Oy, which acts as a steering body for the economic policy and business services of the sub-region. Turku Science Park Ltd produces and coordinates the practical organization of the economic services in the sub-regional area.