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Laura Malinen

Production Coordinator
ExperienceTurku, West Finland Film Commission
+358 40 588 4239

I am the production coordinator at the West Finland Film Commission, which is one of Turku Science Park Ltd’s services. My background is in filmmaking as a director, screenwriter and producer.

I promote the Turku region as a filming location for both domestic and international productions. The West Finland Film Commission has a variety of services for film and TV productions, including help with permits and location scouting, as well as extensive databases of local crew and extras. I can also tell you about Finland’s 25% cash rebate, our local production companies, and filming in Finland in general.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are considering filming in the Turku region, or if you work in the audiovisual industry in the Turku region and need advice with your business.

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