Taking Bold Action for Sustainable Growth

The Turku region is home to a significant number of startups and growth companies that produce new solutions for bio- and circular economy. The high level of expertise in the region is based on a long history of research in the natural sciences and chemistry technology. This offers a fantastic product development environment for new innovations and enables the growth of Clean Turku’s networks.

The business models of many of our region’s most significant companies are based on the processing of biomasses, residual flows and waste materials into new products and services. Also new recycled materials such as textiles are strong in the region. Activities within the Clean sector contribute to the increasingly important roles of energy and energy storage solutions, hydrogen economy, and universal electrification.

Bioeconomy, cleantech and circular economy are key opportunities in the future of Finland

Bioeconomy, cleantech and circular economy are the key to sustainable growth, both economically and environmentally. Energy efficiency and energy storage as well as depleting natural resources, loss of biodiversity and climate change require the development and utilisation of new technologies. These new technologies offer a major and comprehensive growth opportunity for Finland. Bioeconomy, cleantech and circular economy companies make up a third of Finland’s overall exports, and every fifth company in the country belongs to one of these categories.

Companies in the Turku region among the best in the world at materials and processing expertise

The CleanTurku companies utilise and develop technologies, processes, services and products that minimise environmental impact. The companies are globally ranked highly for materials and processing expertise, the applications of which include:

What is CleanTurku? – Take a look at the video

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The most significant CleanTurku companies include Valmet AutomotiveFortum Recycling & WasteNordkalkCH-BioforceFP-PigmentsMeriauraMetgenTM-SystemsDuratBetonilaattaRenotechResterSandvik Mining and ConstructionAkkurateNollaEQ Power and Intercontrol.

Our region is home to fascinating opportunities for specialists in the field. You can find more information on the Career in Southwest Finland site.

Facilities, areas and impressive networks

The Smart Chemistry Park operating in Raisio is a shining example of a functional, multidisciplinary cooperation network, in which the innovations developed by companies bring solutions to the bio- and circular economies. There are 10 companies located in Raisio, and the cooperation network is home to over 100 companies.

The Green Industry Park is a temporary development company whose mission is to explore the potential of industrial-scale bio- and circular economy and cleantech investments in the region.

Five reasons to invest in Turku region.

Turku wants to be carbon neutral by 2029

Our central hub Turku, which aims to be carbon neutral by 2029, combined with the surrounding municipalties, offers a fantastic operational environment for companies. A big contributor to achieving carbon neutrality is the TSE multi-fuel plant in Naantali.

The city is investing in smart and environment-friendly solutions, exemplified by Turku Toriparkki, where solar energy stored in energy poles is used to heat the parking garage, and an innovative energy solution designed by Turku Energia to make the Tyyssija building of the Student Village Foundation (TYS) energy positive, i.e. it produces more energy than it consumes.

Chemical industry turnover in Southwest Finland (excl. pharmaceuticals)

2.5 billion euros
25 % of region’s industry’s combined turnover

Southwest Finland is home to over

100 companies that utilise and develop technologies, processes, services and products that minimise environmental impact