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The Investment Readiness Process for Investors

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Here´s a question to early-stage investors: How do you screen 500 startups per year efficiently and still pick your winners?

The Investment Readiness Process by Beels® [IRP] help founders and investors to agree more efficiently on how the company will meet both parties’ goals and expectations. More than a hundred startups and scaleups have done the IRP with successful results. The purpose with the IRP is to make founders in the Nordics to prepare for investments in a standardized way which is a pre requisite to make effective investment filtering possible. You can listen to a few of the founder on Youtube.

This workshop is a 3-hour introduction to The Investment Readiness Process by Beels® for early stage investors. In the workshop we will present an idea on how early-stage investors can filter and perform partial due diligence in a more effective way in order to screen a vast deal flow and still pic the investments that fit the investors investment strategy based on five, from a financial perspective, critical investment criteria.

During the workshop investors are welcome to share their experiences on this topic and the purpose is to have an open discussion if the IRP could be relevant for also Finnish startups on a larger scale.

The IRP is spreading rapidly as the way to prepare a startup for early stage investments in the Nordics. Recently Vinnova, Sweden’s innovation agency announced they are financing a pilot to test the IRP on all Swedish deeptech incubators.

The workshop will be conducted by the founder of The Investment Readiness Process by Beels®, Björn Larsson who is an experienced entrepreneur and also an investor and founder of Västerås Tech Invest.

More information:,  More information in Turku Science Park Ltd: Marko Puhtila.

The workshop takes place Friday 22nd April 13:00-16:00 in Zoom.

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