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J-Bridge: Co-creation and open innovation with Japanese companies

Is it your dream to bring your solution or product to Japanese market, perhaps later to establish a company in Japan? Are you willing to co-create with a Japanese company to make it happen?

J-Bridge is a platform facilitated by JETRO, Japan External Trade Organization. It aims to facilitate the collaboration between Japanese companies and European startups to develop new business in the digital and green fields.

The model of collaboration can be technical cooperation, joint R&D, investment or JV.

In the webinar JETRO London representatives introduce the platform and how Finnish startups can register and be connected with Japanese J-Bridge member companies, how startups can benefit, give examples of success stories and services related to establishing a business in Japan. (virtually from London)

Following this, Mitsubishi Corporation representative gives a reverse pitch on what types of startups and cooperation they are looking for. (virtaully from Stockholm)


1.Introduction of JETRO’s activities from JETRO London    : 10min

2.Introduction of J-Bridge and Invest Japan services from JETRO London : 10min

3.Q&A  : 5min

4.Reverse pitch from Mitsubishi Corporation (J-Bridge member company) :20min(Including Q&A session)

The event is hybrid, you can participate either on-site or online.
The webinar is about one hour between 15.30 – 16.30, after that on-site participants can stay for Friday pizza and networking

Register to the event

Read more about JETRO and J-Bridge:
J-BRIDGE:Co-create the Next Value | Japan External Trade Organization – JETRO

JETRO hosts a three-day reverse pitching event 7-9th March:
Reverse Pitch event

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