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Find a Startup Co-founder feat Kiuas

Are you looking for a co-founder or a team member for your startup team?
Or are you looking to join a startup team? Maybe you would like to know more about what things you should consider when building a startup team.
SparkUp Startup Community together with Boost Turku are organizing ”Find a startup co-founder” event.

This time we have a guest star joining us for the event!
Nea Harjanne, the CEO of the Kiuas
Nea will treat us with a workshop and a keynote.

Workshop: ”How do I know if my startup idea has unicorn potential?”

Keynote: ”Teaming up Kiuas style”

You can participate to the whole event or come later or be present only for the first hour.

Sign up to the event here.


More information: Elias Savonlahti

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