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Find a Startup Co-founder

Are you looking for a co-founder or a team member for your startup team? Are you looking to join a startup team?

Would you like to know more about what things you should consider when building a startup team?

SparkUp Startup Community together with Boost Turku ry and Turku University of Applied Sciences are organizing ”Find a startup co-founder” event where we will:

  1. Help people understand what aspects they should consider when building a startup team.
  2. Go through various platforms/ways to find co-founders
  3. Try to match participants with ideas to those who could be good co-founders/team members for them

You can register for the event here

16:45 Doors open
17:00 Introduction
17:10What to consider when building a team
17:30 Tools to help you find a co-founder
18:00 Matchmaking

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