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BioTreffit & Health Tuesday

05.04.2022 | 08:0009:00

BioTreffit&Health Tuesday will be organised in April 2022 without a local company presentation. The theme is this time ”Personalized nutrition in the data era – New ways to promote Health & Wellbeing”.

Anything but unprofiled: Paving the way for eating and nutrition solutions with Me, My Health and My Food.

Personalized advice and solutions have shown to be more effective than general dietary guidelines in promoting healthy eating habits. Combining traditional approaches with the growing amount of personalized data from smart devices and other data sources can offer even further opportunities to develop personalized and targeted diets that promote health and wellbeing.

Join our April edition of Health Tuesday to learn more about the promise of personalized nutrition in the data era from selected participants of the recently funded Me, My Health & My Food (MeHeFo) ecosystem project.

Join the event HERE, if you are interested in hearing latest news on vaccine research in Finland!


8.00 Opening Words, Sampo Sammalisto, Head of Personalized Health Finland, Business Finland

8.05 Me, My Health and My Food profiling Finland. Personalized eating solutions, ecosystems and export
Jenni Lappi, Senior Scientist in Nutrition, VTT and Minna Storm, Project Manager, University of Turku

8.25 Personal data relating to nutrition, Jyrki Schroderus, Director, Polar Electro

8.40 Personalized eating solutions, Katri Hallamaa, Product Development Manager, Valio

8.55 Closing words, Sampo Sammalisto, Head of Personalized Health Finland, Business Finland

9.00 Health Tuesday event ends

More information: Hanna Halme at Turku Science Park Ltd.





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