Janne Mustonen


Turun Seudun Kehitys Ltd



I am the CEO of Turku Seudun Kehitys Ltd. and in charge of the Turku region’s Invest in activities.

In cooperation with the city of Turku and the municipalities of the region, we build a growth platform for both foreign and domestic companies and support the growth of companies that already are operating in the region. Together we attract strategically significant players to invest in the region.

We understand the Invest in customer’s market situation, competitive position and growth strategy and customize our offering for them. We offer to the customer the added value produced by the region’s science and education, product development know-how and business ecosystem, and we find the right operating environments and the necessary infrastructures and land areas.

From my previous history, I have strong experience in dozens of Invest in projects which have been managed successfully in the seamless cooperation of the key players in the region and also with national players.

I have an eMBA degree from Aalto University and a Master of Education degree from the University of Oulu.