Duration: 1.9.2021 – 30.6.2023. (1st training series JanuaryMay 2022, 2nd training series December 2022 April 2023)

Project partners: Turku University of Applied Sciences (coordinator), University of Turku

Funding: ESF / REACT-EU. Funded as a part of the European Union’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The total budget is EUR 447 683, of which 80% is ESF funding, ie. EUR 358 146. Turku Science Park Ltd.’s share is EUR 99 750.

Project in a nutshell: The aim of the project is to strengthen the skills of 100 Finns in the development of digital products and services. As part of the coaching, a practical, collaborative method of digital products and services will be developed that considers the background and needs of individuals as part of the development process.

Duties of Turku Science Park Ltd.: Turku Science Park Ltd. is responsible for arranging a series of six coaching events to increase the level of competencies on developing digital products and services.

Contact person in Turku Science Park Ltd.: Sami Uusitalo, Johanna Johansson