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Italian Market for Finnish SMEs

03.02.2022 | 09:0010:30

Are you interested in what kind of business opportunities there are for your company in Italy? What is the economic situation and business culture in Italy? Which are the most interesting sectors for Finnish companies? What is the Covid-19 situation in Italy now?

Join and find the answers to these questions!

Why Italy?
Italy is Europe’s third-largest economy and the eighth biggest worldwide. It has a mature, rich internal market of more than 60 million inhabitants. Italy is characterized by strong manufacturing industry, with a turnover of €900 billion with four million supply companies, all of which are highly specialized in particular industrial sectors including mechanical engineering, machining and robotics.

Italian consumers generally consider Finnish goods quite advanced, sophisticated, and practical, with a high degree of efficiency
and Nordic charm. They are generally perceived expensive. Italian companies in their respective fields are generally aware of Finland’s high technology status, and consider Finnish suppliers as high-level ones.

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