The Turku region is home to a rapidly growing number of startups. From guidance on how to get your startup off the ground to collaborating with major players, we offer support to startups at every step of the way. Take advantage of the Startup Kit below when starting your business in the Turku region. We warmly welcome you to join our bold and burgeoning startup scene.

Get to Know the Startups in Turku

Want to know more about the startup community in the Turku region? Follow our “Get to Know the Startups in Turku” article series. It features several startups and their inspirational success stories, such as CYF Digital, the nanotechnology company Comptek Solutions, Silo AI, Tablebed, or the bioprinting startup Brinter, to mention only a few.

Get to Know the Startups in Turku article series

“Turku is great for startups! Firstly, the University of Turku ensures a big pool of (international) talents, which is very useful for our science-based business. Also, Turku is a suitably small city where services for startups are easily accessible, and various business networks are always open for collaborations and partnerships.”

Arjun Mandal from Comptek Solutions

“It is amazing how the local government is supporting us startups! First, we just had an idea, and then we needed support, which we have got from the people here in SparkUp.”

Rufus Vinod from Reilu Kuljetus